Besides long term projects, Rockin soils helps the farmers and companies of agricultural sector with specific processes, some examples of this are:

2015. Vredenoord Organic Farm, Sexbierum, The Netherlands

  • 50 ha Organic vegetable family farm potato, carrot, broccoli
  • Assessment of soil saprophytic fungi

2015. Bongers P. ,  Zealand, the Netherlands

  • Production of inoculants for composting
  • Biological upcycling of liquid cow manure

2015. Kopper Spain, S.L. Almería, Spain

  • Course on Pfeiffer’s circular chromatography for soils and substrates. Method and interpretation protocol


2015. Agricultura Regenerativa Ibérica, Girona, Spain

  • Course business planning for organic fertilizer production rural entrepreneurs

2014. Flower Farm. Dalat, Vietnam

  • 200 ha farm flower greenhouse
  • Consultancy producing high quality compost with local microbiology and minerals from volcanic rock dusts from farm refuses.

2013. MetaMeta- Marginpar Ethiopia

  • Course on organic waste management. Training and forming a team to composting organic waste on farm for own use
  • Production of diverse organic fertilizers

2013. Golf course Dirkshoorn, The Netherlands

  • 65 ha golf course.
  • Technical consultancy to upcycling organic waste from into organic fertilizers. Biological regeneration of the soil with local microbiology on the trees.