Ethiopian farmers make their own organic fertilizers

Rockin Soils partners with MetaMeta to train to Ethiopian farmers, NGO’s and extension officers to produce organic fertilizers. The project brings together local miners and farmers to reuse the waste from farms and mines and produce different types of organic fertilizers and soil amend

future farmer with biofertilizer installation.


Ethiopian soils have good potential for agriculture but after decades of no fertilization the soils are exhausted. Chemical fertilizers failed to help the Ethiopian farmer. They lead to hig

her production on the short ter

m but they are expensive and damage the soil on the long term

This technology is adapted to meet the requirements of the small land holders in remote areas as well as for large commercial farms. For the next four seasons the farmers will be testing the fertilizers in maize, wheat, barley, teff and bean, at four different regions of Ethiopia (Rema, Holleta, Sululta, Arsi Negele). Rockin Soils provides training and field technical support direct to farmers to produce and use the fertilizers and facilitates the development of local networks to disseminate this technology from farmer to farmer.
 Reusing local waste from mines and farms is affordable and healthy for all farmers even when they have no access to machinery, transport nor credit.

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Rockin Soils Integrates simple instruments to restore the natural fertility of agricultural soils and ensure healthy food production systems by using local resources. Together with farmers we design and implement production systems that turn waste into organic fertilizers that feed the crop and increase its resistance to pest and disease. 

We learn from natural forests because they are strong and resilient. They harvest rain water and nutrients. They purify the soil, water and air and they enable diverse forms of life. Natural forests are very productive systems. Rockin Soils mimic conditions of natural forests to restore the fertility and multi-functionality of the agricultural soils.