Available lectures & Courses 

  • Soil Assessment DIY: Visual Soil Assessment, Chromatography, Soil Life assessment
  • Bio-fertilizers DIY: Solid bio-fertilisers. Liquid fertilizers. Mineral Chelation
  • Microbiology DIY. Inoculants to drive farm processes
  • Water management. Rain water harvesting. Moisture  management & drainage
  • Fertilization plan for the organic farm
  • Transition Organic planning
  • Farmers field schools: Design and operation
  • Business planning for the rural entrepreneur


Dynamic, informative, practical. 15874957_583301028520554_5003993064912987232_o

Ideal for Schools, community groups, farmer cooperatives, companies or cultural associations


Hands-on, participative and empowering learning experiences

For: farmers, farmer cooperatives, farmer field schools, and professionals of the agricultural sector.

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