Rockin Soils shares know-how with farmers to regenerate soils and increase profits.

Fertile soils for any farmer in any country

Simple, smart, modern, appropriated and affordable farm inputs

Don’t buy, Make it yourself!

Rockin Soils works with farmers in many countries on:

FARM INPUTS for the organic farm to feed, strengthen the crops and boost soil life.

MICROBIOLOGY Reproducing and using local microorganisms to carry fundamental processes for the farm and improve the performance of soils, composts of minerals.

RESOURCES Research & manage local resources that farms need to produce high quality fertilizers. We work with the principle  Waste=food

DESIGN, PLAN & MANAGE land and water systems to support life and productivity in farm. Farm planning and soil fertility management. combining soil management smart techniques and self made inputs to improve the farming performance and reduce production costs. management and Plan the use of inputs within regenerative farming strategies.

BUSINESS planning for profit for (young) rural entrepreneurs.