Where the t(r)ees go green

During the construction of the Dirkshorn golf club the soil got destroyed by heavy machinery. After their work, engineers and bulldozers left a inert substrate where plants and especially had difficulties to grow.

Trees and shrubs are very important part of the course because they mark the field that players have to follow. After the first season more than half of the planted trees died or suffered severe damage. Supporting those trees with chemical fertilizers was not feasible. On the other hand a golf court generates a tremendous amount of green waste that need to be disposed. Getting rid of this waste is a cost.

Rockin Soils assists the the golf club and Grondmij, the company in charge of maintenance, to produce organic fertilizers from the organic waste to feed the young trees. Self made solid and liquid fertilizers inject indigenous forest life in the soils, improve their structure, re-mineralize them and restore the ecosystem that supports the settlement of the trees.

The pilots started in April 2013. From august 2013 until September 2013, the trees received three applications. Several tests are also carried out on grass of greens and tees. Results of the pilot are expected in the spring of 2014.