Life is back

Only one month after soil aeration in Raerd with the Evers plow, we find new signs of life are visible in the soil more root growth, earth worms, insects. We also see the effects of their work in the channels they leave in the soil. Soil drains better now

How we made it:

  1. Visual soil Assessment. This gave us an idea about what were the key constraints that affected the gras production. Heavy clay soils of Raerd need to be managed to allow root forming and avoid soil compaction.
  2. Assess the land and water management. We saw that with the current land management, the soil will tend to compact and create an environment with little air and water exchange. This environment would  stress the root and compromise the grass production.
  3. Designed a new fertility plan that include building soil structure in permanent grassland with structural help of the vertical plow. This use will compensate the imbalances of the use of machinery. Once the right soil conditions are created to allow successful biological settlement and nutrient cycle.