Course series: Farmer’s life (boerenleven)

Last month we started the 2017 edition of the course “farmer’s life” (in Dutch Boerenleven). Farmers from different areas of the country gather together, each time in a different farm to talk about healthy production systems. They get new insights in key issues for their farms from different experts and they learn from each others experience too.

The course series aims to give farmers practical state of the are low investment/ high return tools for their Dairy farms.During different journeys, we work with farmers around the management of complex systems of the Dutch dairy farms. All from the basis of low external input.

Each journey focus on one specific issue and visit a different farm. The we give the courses in context of the participants.

  • Farm Maganement (by Frens Schuring)
  • Soil life and DIY diagnoses (by Ruben Borge)
  • Low external organic inputs for the Dutch farm (by Ruben Borge)
  • Soil Analysis Bioelectonics  (by Peter van Hof)
  • Mineral cycling  (by Anton Nichten)
  • Grass land management and mob grazing (by Peter Takkens)

This course series is co-organized by Ria Commandeur and  Peter Takkens.

Do you want to join?  contact met Ria