Watch Joel Salatin’s lecture 9th may in Wageningen live streaming

Joel participates in the debate “It´s the food, my friend”. This debate aims to explore the pathways towards the agriculture of the future. This lecture will be available live on stream from this site on May, 9th, from 19:45h. To watch the lecture, click on the picture. ( live streaming starts on May, 9th, at 19:45h.)

Rockin Soils supports De Waard Eetbaar Landschap initiative to bring Joel to The Netherlands and facilitate the exchange of experiences among the farmers of the future.joelsalatin play small

Joel Salatin is the farmer behind Polyface Farms. He invented low cost farm systems, like the chicken tractor, that produces more, cost less, regenerate the farm resources and create value within the farming families. Joel published many of books to share his experiences. These books inspire millions of farmers, consultants and politicians worldwide.

The video here under gives a brief introduction to Joel’s masterpiece.

Joel is on tour in the Netherlands from 8-12th May. Want to see him? surf to: