Living soils for olive trees in Turkey

Since november 2015 MetaMeta, Budgay and Rockin Soils work together to improve degraded soils of olive farms in Datca, Turkey. The aim is to develop a future resource based on the local circular economy.


Just like humans, soils need nutrition to stay healthy. Healthy soils pass on their nutrition to the crops that grow in them, and thereafter to us when we eat those crops.

Just like humans, soils need a balanced diet… a variety of nutrients. When soils have a certain balance of microbes (microscopic living organisms)… organic matter… and minerals… they can withstand droughts, tillage, and pests… and continue to produce healthy, nutritious plants.

This video shows how compost and liquid biofertilzer can be prepared by farmers using raw materials easily available on the farm, such as manure, yeast, molasses, milk, and ash. Compost and biofertilizers nourish the soil and keep its nutrient cycle going. Unlike chemical fertilizers, which focus only on three main nutrients—Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.